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Experts warn against dangers of buying pre-owned vehicles in a largely unorganized market.
“Searching for your ideal car online is both convenient and time saving, but unless you are an expert you will always run the risk of buying a car that has had accident repairs or has mechanical issues. It is recommended that you have the vehicle fully inspected beforehand.” Simon O’Neill, general manager (pre-owned), Al Futtaim Motors, authorized dealers for Toyota and Lexus cars.
As expats we are pressed for time as we juggle the many other obstacles life throws our way. Unfortunately we find ourselves being subject, whether we like it or not, to online searches of pre-owned vehicles but we typically don’t realize the risks and dangers we run.
We’ve all been there (even us), enamored by the exterior of a vehicle without knowing what to look for, what to ask about, and wary if what we’re being told and buying will be a good long-term decision. Some of us are not that lucky and end up with headaches and hassles after the fact because we weren’t informed beforehand. The importance of a full vehicle inspection is vital, and we realized the lack of proper diagnosis and comprehensive vehicle reports available to many that don’t have the time and money to purchase from authorized dealers.
We want to give buyers the power- purchasing power in having the knowledge to make informed decisions to truly save time and money. Our auto professional with well over 25 years of automotive experience conducts an in-depth diagnosis of your dream vehicle to provide you a comprehensive vehicle report so no hidden surprises will surface once the transaction is closed. Save time and money (for the longterm) with our help.
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AUTOBNB has done its fair share of research on the hassles Dubai residents deal with when it comes to car repairs in the city. Experiences and headaches vary in many degrees from over budget pricing, duration of repair due to obtaining the proper car parts, untrustworthy mechanics and repairs not covered by insurance companies, and many more. Having taken part in our own share of headaches and hassles mentioned above, we decided to provide Dubai residents our solutions based on:

  1. Our Vision: To make our client’s and customers life easier by providing an innovative one-stop vehicle maintenance and repair solution enabling to enjoy a hassle free experience.
  2. Our Core Values: We integrate quality, professionalism, honesty and transparency into all our business operation to make our clients and customers happy.

We asked about your car repair hassles in Dubai, you answered!
As a solution provider, we understand that no one has the time, energy, or money to waste- life is busy and hard enough as is. Whether you’re a business owner looking for individual or corporate solution for your corporate vehicles, have an older vehicle and find it a challenge to manage repairs due to part availability and costs, or if your vehicle is out of warranty AUTOBNB is your answer. Dubai residents no longer have to deal with these car repair nightmares.
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In case you missed us at AIM 2017 Conference, take a look!
We would like to thank the many visitors that attended this years show, and all of those that stopped at our booth. We received deep appreciation for our concept here in Dubai. Many residents, new and old, have experienced at some point (or know of someone who has) the high costs involved in dealing with dealers and the over lack of reliability and expertise with independent mechanics. As a new concept within Dubai’s automotive industry, we had the pleasure in explaining exactly what we do and what we offer to many visitors over the course of three day, but most importantly our new concept is now a huge solution to Dubai and the UAE. Visitors to our booth were able to have one on one time with our team members to fully comprehend that AUTOBNB is a full service solution provider for independent car owners as well as providing our unprecedented service to corporate customers as well. We’re not a garage, we’re so much more! Working as the eyes and ears to customers and with the expertise of our Auto Advisor (well over 20 years experience in the automotive industry) we know that we’re setting a new standard in the industry, Dubai, and the UAE.
For more information contact us at +971 54 455 6675 don’t forget to follow us and catch us at the next event at on Facebook

With Dubai’s summer heat is here, some of you may or may not know that one of the most common reasons cars and trucks overheat are a faulty cooling system or low fluid level. During these hotter months in this gorgeous city, your vehicle’s cooling system has to work harder to prevent engine overheating. To avoid this we conduct frequent checks on our customers car fluids, such as engine coolant and brake fluid, just to name a few. We advise you not wait until your dashboard warning light comes on or you find yourself pulled to the side of the road with a steaming hood because at this point it is you have a huge hassle and stress on your hands!
If you do wind up in this situation, we advise you immediately turn off your air conditioning and turn on your heater. Although it’s hot, it can help remove heat from the engine and use the additional fans to cool things down until we can get to you.
AUTOBNB’s service plans include towing service, pickup and drop off, for all your repair and maintenance needs. We’re your vehicle service solution provider!
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As we gear up and prepare ourselves for Automechanika 2017 at Dubai World Trade Center Show Info , our aim is to provide Dubai residents the utmost quality, professionalism, and concise repair work with our vehicle repair concierge services. We will be amongst the best of the best at the show and we’re excited to be part of such an amazing event providing Dubai residents repair/maintenance solutions.
Our solutions include complete fleet management for businesses as well as individual vehicle needs. Being a one stop shop provider, leave it to us to make sure you’re always on the road safe and confident the work promised has been performed at the best competitive price.
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